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Door & Cabinet Hardware Restoration

Keep your original hardware, but give it a new finish to restore the original appearance or give it the finish of your choice. The beauty of old hinges, locks & doorknobs is often marred by paint or corrosion. Replacing the old hardware with new can destroy the unity of style in your home, reducing its charm & grace. We can refinish any metal parts, hinges, latches, mortises, locks & doorknobs.


Our artisans, who have 200 years of collective experience, take great care to preserve the hardware's original fine detail. Each year we develop new exciting finishes to meet the needs of customers. If you're specifying period-hardware, don't settle for limited options in hardware catalogs. Restore the original hardware to preserve the integrity of your home. Whether you want to match the finish of antique hardware or create something unique, Normandy can help you find a solution.

Our door & cabinet hardware services:

  • Hardware cleaning & restoration

  • Custom & historical finishes

  • Lock repair & cleaning

  • Fabrication of missing pieces

  • Same-day service on door Hardware

Door & Cabinet Hardware
Lighting Restoration

Lighting Restoration

Normandy prides itself in complete lamp, chandelier, lighting repair & refinishing. Stifle, Chapman, Waterford or your grandmother's dining room problem, we can fix it! Our technicians will replace worn & outdated wiring. With over 10,000 square feet of vintage replacement parts to restore your heirloom fixtures; we can handle any size project.

Repair, rewire & restoration:

  • Antique Lighting Fixtures

  • Lamps

  • Chandeliers

  • Sconces

  • Custom Lighting

  • Parts & Architectural Elements

  • Patina Matching

  • Special Finishes

  • Lamp & Chandelier Parts


Our light experts will delicately dismantle, restore & accurately re-assemble your lighting fixture with patience & attention to detail. Our work ensures not only the integrity of the piece but also helps retain its value.


Restoration of a fixture usually consists of; disassembling, cleaning the individual pieces, restoring missing parts, refinishing then rewiring & re-assembling the piece.


We also work on lighting fixtures, which have been imported from Europe, converting them to work with American standard electrical systems.


Past projects have included work on $6 tables lamp with "priceless" sentimental value to $100,000 chandeliers & everything in between. All parts used conform to UL standards.

Bath & Kitchen Fixture Refinishing

The beauty of vintage faucets can be restored! Normandy can re-finish your plumbing fixtures to their original appearance or give new fixtures the finish of your choice.


Our artisans take great care to preserve your fixtures original fine detail. Each year we develop new exciting finishes to meet the needs of customers. If you're specifying period not replace with look-a-like fixtures. Refinish the original fixtures to preserve the integrity of your home. Whether you want to match the finish of your current fixtures or create something unique, Normandy can help you find a solution.


Plumbing fixtures that we refinish:

  • Bar faucets

  • Bath faucets

  • Kitchen faucets

  • Glass shower hardware

  • Faucet handles

  • Bar sinks

  • Drains

  • Drain, strainer

  • Tubing

  • Towel bars

  • Water/soap dispensers

  • Waterfall faucets

  • Faucets, gold plated

  • Shower heads/rain

  • Shower temp control

  • Tub & shower systems

  • Glass/soap holders

  • Grab bars

  • Toilet paper holders

  • Toilet seat hinges

  • Bathtub claw feet

  • Metal sinks


NOTE: Normandy refinishes the outer part of the fixtures only. We do not reassemble or repair plumbing fixtures. Repair & reassembly should be done by your plumber.

Bath & Kitchen Fixtures
Image by Louis Hansel


Your family treasures can never be replaced with modern reproductions. The fine detail, intricate design & high quality of older pieces is not found in today's silver. Investing in the repair of antiques & old silver not only restores, but also extends the life of the piece. Most importantly, the original beauty & the sentimental value of the heirloom is regained...which is priceless!


Our repairs to brass, copper, silver, pewter, bronze, & other metals include: removing dents, recasting/making missing pieces, soldering broken pieces, furnishing/installing new blades, fitting mirrors, and replacing brushes & combs.


We can repair almost anything:

  • Tea Sets

  • Coffee Sets

  • Sugar Bowls

  • Creamers

  • Trays

  • Candlesticks

  • Lamps

  • Chandeliers

  • Flatware

  • Statues

  • Brass Beds

  • Tables

  • Fire Screens

  • Andirons

  • Tool Sets

  • Door Hardware

  • Marine Hardware

  • bathroom Fixtures

  • Cookware

  • Salt & Pepper Shakers

  • Cruet Sets

  • Cook Ware Tinning


Metalware Repair

Each silver piece is carefully inspected by our experts prior to & during each phase of the restoration. All work is then executed using time-honored techniques & authentic tools. Our repair shop services are the backbone of any proper restoration project. Silver pieces thought to be beyond hope as well as minor repairs are all undertaken with equal importance.


Our silversmith can carefully remove dents, reshape, solder broken pieces, & even re-manufacture a missing part in sterling, copper, bronze, or white metal.


Statue Restoration

Normandy offers complete restoration services for objects of art in bronze & allied metals. Objects that have been cracked or broken can be repaired i.e., welded, soldered, finished, & colored. These repairs, once made, will be invisible. Missing parts can be re-sculpted to match the original. Castings of these parts can be reattached, properly finished & match to the original.


Flatware Repair

Garbage disposals are the main source of silverware damage!


But even what looks impossible to repair after being caught in one, can almost always be restored, sometimes at half the price of a new one. A priceless baby spoon ground up badly can probably be saved by our experienced silversmith.

Image by Annie Spratt

Copper Refinishing & Re-Tinning

Normandy offers re-tinning for your copper pots & pans.


Normandy is an expert in re-tinning food grade copper pots & pans with high quality, grade "A" tin. Our tin is applied by a hand wiping method.


Re-tinning is NSF & USDA approved & will not to peel, crack or flake away. In many cases, your food equipment outlasts its original coating so there is no need to discard it. Used food equipment can be re-tinned in most cases for less than half the cost of replacement.


Click here for our copper refinishing & re-tinning FAQs.

Copper Refinishing
Refinishing for Service Indstr.

Refinishing for Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers

We service the restaurant & hotel industry.


Catering to quality chefs in bakeries, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, packing plants & steamships as well as homeowners.


Refinishing services:

  • Cleaning

  • Repairing

  • Polishing

  • Refinishing

  • Re-plating

  • Silver chafing dishes

  • Coffee urns

  • Wine buckets

  • Stands, trays

  • Candelabras

  • Chandeliers & more


Contact us for more information about our services.

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